What's behind the name BRiN™?

What's behind the name BRiN™?

What's behind the name BRiN™?

We've often been asked, why do we name our brand name, what is it and what does BRiN™ stand for?

To us, BRiN™ is more than just a name; it's an idea. Behind the brand lies a powerful mission to revolutionize the way we use and dispose of our most essential personal hygiene products. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at BRiN™ and what our name really stands for.

BRiN is short for the french word 'Brindille'

The French word brindille, which is shortened to 'brin', denotes a twig. Twigs are a vital part of dental hygiene, extending back since the dawn of mankind. Chew sticks are comprised of plant parts that are chewed until one end frays, which can then be used as a toothbrush and the other as a toothpick.

BRIN - Neanderthal toothpick history - ai


Neanderthals picked their teeth with toothpicks 46,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence indicates they were first introduced in 3500 BCE Babylonia and 3000 BCE Egypt, while Chinese records point to 1600 BCE.

Moreover, the Indian documents Ayurvedas and Tipitaka in the 4th and 5th centuries BCE respectively attest to their usage. In some Native American cultures, the twigs are used in ceremonies and rituals. Twigs are also used in traditional medicine and as a part of folk remedies.

BRIN - Toothbrush History - Native American examining a twig

It is immensely frustrating and feels ironic to us that in our effort to stay clean, we as consumers are creating so much waste. BRiN™ was born out of the mission to maintain our personal hygiene while minimizing landfill waste and repurposing what has already ended up there to hopefully one day reverse the impact of post-consumer pollution.

To start this journey, we created our first product: SeaDifferently Original Toothbrush. Not only is this toothbrush reusable, it is also made entirely from post-consumer plastic.

BRiN Journal Twig

And as a company, BRiN is also a symbol of continual growth because it is always expanding and evolving. It is constantly learning and growing, just like a plant or tree.

The name BRiN represents this never-ending journey of growth and sprouting of hope.

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